1. Even after 24 years together and the distance my parents are all cute and shit ♡

  2. Be thankful for what you do have ♡

  3. Why window shop when you own this..

  4. Goodnight♡

  5. Friday at work (at Calacas)

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  8. Short Girls Are The Best Reblog If You’re 4’10-5’4

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  11. Que maravilloso es Dios, qué cuando menos te lo esperas, Llega y te sorprende con sus bendiciones. No llega ni tarde ni temprano, siempre llega justo cuándo lo necesitas…


    Alimenta tu fe.

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  12. "Strip Tease" bacon and pancakes at work. Come get them at Calacas (at Calacas)

  13. Dejala haha

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    Una Delicioosaaa Michelada!’

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  15. primetime93:


    step 1: make girl laugh
    step 2: make girl moan

    that’s the plan


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